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Japanese Cheat Sheet

for beginners

Going to Japan soon but don't know any Japanese? Or do you want to learn some Japanese anyways to impress your friends or whatever? If so, Shioyama-senpai's ultimate Japanese Cheat Sheet is your choice!

It doesn't matter if you already know some words or phrases or if you're starting from scratch – this cheat sheet fits for any Japanese language beginner's needs. It's handy, it's organized, it's intuitive – all ready to fold and go!

DO NOT UPLOAD the cheat sheet anywhere! ALWAYS LINK TO THIS PAGE!

Current version: V1.1

How to use your cheat sheet

This cheat sheet is designed to be fold three times in the center. Follow the following instructions to make sure that you're folding it the right way.

Have your freshly printed cheat sheet laying on a flat surface with page 4・More Vocabulary pointing up. Then precisely fold it in the middle.

Next, turn the folded paper so that you have page 3・Everyday Phrases laying in front of you. Then fold it the second time.

And finally, with page 2・Important Words showing up, fold it the third time, again, in the center.

And this is it! Your cheat sheet is ready to be stowed away in your pocket where you can access it at any time. よくできました!